Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ad seen in a magazine today:

"An Artist Wouldn't Destroy His Canvas Before Creating A Masterpiece..."

I destroy canvases, before ever applying a drop of paint, on a fairly regular basis. Seems to work for ME.

(Dunno if I'd consider my stuff 'masterpiece' quality, but...you know what I mean.)
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My drawing, The Language of Flowers, published in The Hartford Courant

Several months ago, I submitted some artwork to the iTowns section of The Hartford Courant, a Connecticut newspaper. It prints the work of local artists once a week; and my drawing, The Language of Flowers, was selected for the August 22, 2010 edition.

My drawing, The Language of Flowers, published in The Hartford Courant

My drawing, The Language of Flowers, published in The Hartford Courant (insert)

Past iTowns covers by other artists can be seen here:

Local Connecticut artists can nominate their work here:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life change, Step 1: Financial independence

I've been unfulfilled with my life in many ways for a long, long time and it's about time I started taking charge of my fucking destiny. I know that big changes are imminent to my personal life anyway, so I may as well try to direct the course of things as best as I can.

It's going to be a series of baby-steps probably, but I need to take them instead of just remaining trapped in this misery while life and everything else passes me by.

I came to the conclusion, while talking with some dear close friends over the past couple of days, that the first step I need to make, and probably the most difficult, is achieving Financial Independence. I've never been financially independent in my entire life. I'm far behind on bills and I don't have a car (haven't had one in over two years).

So, the first step I've taken in taking that first step is opening up my work schedule availability so that I can get more hours. Basically, I told the scheduling manager to use me like a bitch. At least I'll be starting to make a bit more money; maybe I'll be able to get a car. Then, maybe I can get a better job, or a second one, or both.

Baby steps.

Also, I'm terrified about my future. Just sayin'.

Friday, August 13, 2010

More weird patterns.

Tonight, probably about 7 people asked me where the restrooms are. I haven't had anyone ask me that in weeks, probably; and now today, everybody and their grandmother has asked me. Why the hell does stuff like that happen?

Also weird: Just today, for no apparent reason, I thought of a semi-regular customer -- her face just popped into my mind. Nobody I see that often, just someone I recognize. Annnnnd about an hour ago, she was in here. Weird.
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I'm Glad You're My Friend Day

Friday the 13th is also I'm Glad You're My Friend Day. So I'm taking this moment to express my gratitude to my friends, whom I love dearly -- I love you all and I don't know how the hell I'd survive without you.

The Voice of Love is Bleeding

I threw together a last-minute installation entitled The Voice of Love is Bleeding in The Cubes section at the Carleon Isle sim in Second Life and it will probably only be up through this coming Wednesday, Aug. 18th.

Do make sure to check out the other Cube installations as well.. a lot of amazing art by amazing artists!

The Voice of Love is Bleeding

For optimal viewing:
Please enable local lighting and set to Midnight.
Fly up and around the space to interact with the installation.