Monday, December 31, 2007

My first-life graphic design freelancing blog

I'm trying to get the hell out of my day job, and I'm hoping I can make that happen by doing some freelance work. I created a blog specifically for promoting those services:

I'm hoping 2008 is a prosperous one, because I've been broke for too damn long.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The end of Intermundia?

I haven't yet decided whether to let go of my piece of group-owned land or not.

My friend, Lys, bought it for me a couple of years ago as a favor to me, so that I could have a place to work, build, etc.

But I haven't been much in-world anymore, my shop's sales have pretty much come to a standstill, and I haven't had much inspiration for new art or projects for some time. It feels like a waste, to me, for him to continue paying tier on it. I talked to Lys about it a little, telling him that he can sell the land on the first of the year. I can still find places to build & work if I need to. Besides, I really don't like the sim I'm in anymore -- it's full of ugly malls/camping areas for the most part. I think it might just be time to move on.

The Friday Five

I used to love doing these.

Copy and paste to your own journal, then reply to this post with a link to your answers.

This week:

1. When did you "lose your innocence"?
Somewhere around age 10, after a traumatizing time at summer camp... bleh.
If "lose your innocence" means "lose your virginity," then I was 16.

2. Would you say you have an accent?
Nope, but accents are all a matter of perspective.

3. Do you hope to be married (married again if divorced)?
Oh god no.

4. If you could take one technology to a desert island (the obvious satellite phone excluded), what would it be?
Teh internets.

5. What is the last activity you bought a ticket for?
This --

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Portfolio added

I've uploaded a bunch of SL portfolio pics to my Flickr account, finally. They are now arranged nicely in a collection with sub-sets. Happy browsing! :P It's still incomplete, but more will be added when I get around to it.

Nebulosus Severine's Second Life Art Portfolio

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New blog

I am beginning the transition of moving my blog here.

The old blog was on Deadjournal, & the archives will remain there. I've come to realize why so many people use Blogger; it's so damn easy to use.