Thursday, March 27, 2008

* ARTHOLE update *

Arahan & I have finally picked an opening date for Arthole -- Saturday, April 26, 2008 - so mark your calendars, folks!

More details, like exact time of the events, will be posted soon.

We have created an 'Arthole' group in SL, so if you'd like to join that to get notifications of the members-only events, IM either Arahan Claveau or Nebulosus Severine (me) for an invitation.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Five - That Springtime Feeling

1. Other than the official start of spring on the calender, what really signifies the start of spring for you?
Maple sugaring season.

2. How severe is your spring cleaning bug this year?
Not as severe as I'd like it to be. I need to get my arse in gear and clean my damn room.

3. What one thing says "spring" to you more than any other?
See Question #1.

4. What are your springtime traditions?
Taking a day trip to the Mohawk Trail to visit Gould's Sugarhouse and Shelburne Falls is definitely something I try to do annually but haven't been able to do in the past couple of years.

5. When do you break out your spring and summer wardrobe? Do you follow the "no white before Easter" rule?
Since I never wear white, like EVER, that doesn't apply. However, I don't believe in rules when it comes to fashion, anyway.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today = FAIL.

[Edit - Today was not complete fail. Thanks for keeping me company, sp00k.]

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Second Blogger

Dunno what I'll do with it exactly, but I've signed up for a Second Blogger account -- which will basically allow me to post pics & blog entries to it directly from Second Life.

Here's mine:
Neb's Second Blogger page

Monday, March 10, 2008

Avastar's 'Most Influential'

Update to Thursday's post --

The Avastar's Top 10 Women of SL -- me!?!!?!!

I'm still rather shocked. :P Dunno if I really deserve such an accolade, but... hey.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Five - When the sun beats down

1. Favorite shoes?
My silver & black Doc Martens with the thick soles that I got on sale for like 20 bucks at Marshall's many moons ago. L calls them my "Frankenstein shoes" -- I'll post a picture of them here eventually.

2. What time does the sun set near you?
Right now? About quarter to six.

3. Do you like spending time in the sun?
Not in directly sunlight, no. I do enjoy a bit of the old vitamin D, but I can only take so much of it. My skin & eyes are quite sensitive to it.

4. Do you burn or tan?
Burn, baby, burn. Disco inferno.

5. Monopoly: yay! or no way!
Monopoly can suck my balls. Especially all the goddamned themed versions of it. Dear Parker Brothers: please stop making them.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

News, news, and news

News #1:
Found out yesterday that something about me is mentioned in a German book about Second Life by Sven Stillich (known as Ava Milner in SL). I have no idea what was written about me, I'm not even sure I can purchase it in the U.S., and the book is in German, anyway.

Someone had IMed me asking for admittance to the Art & Artist Network; we made some small talk & then this: [edited slightly for conciseness]

M***** R****: thanks for this talk with a very famous artist in sl...I am proud about it...I have red of you and your work in the german book from ava milner. :)
Nebulosus Severine: oh really?
Nebulosus Severine: which book is that?
M***** R****: you dont know about this is called.... second life
M***** R****: the autor is sven stillich
M***** R****: and he is in sl as ava milner
Nebulosus Severine: is it available only in germany?
Molina Rhode: I dont know...sorry
Nebulosus Severine: it's ok
Nebulosus Severine: i didn't know i was in a book :)
M***** R****: the bullet point of this book is: how does virtuell world change our life..
M***** R****: and it is very intresting.....about all the beginning
M***** R****: I cant believe that you dont know
Nebulosus Severine: i have heard of other second life books but not that one
M***** R****: he wrote about a talk between you and him
Nebulosus Severine: but maybe it is not available in the US :)
Nebulosus Severine: oh, wow
M***** R****: maybe...
M***** R****: and that was that what makes me proud about the talk to you :)
Nebulosus Severine: awwww, well thank you :))
Nebulosus Severine: i never thought of myself as famous
M***** R****: your welcome
M***** R****: is :)
Nebulosus Severine: i only remember talking to ava a little bit
M***** R****: he is writing about you and other famous people there in sl....about funaria too
Nebulosus Severine: is it written in german?
M***** R****: yes
M***** R****: I think that is very important to have such books .....I red this book and it showed me that sl is more than a shopping and partnersearching station :)
Nebulosus Severine: yes :) there is much to explore and learn here
M***** R****: important for all newbies
M***** R****: a must for all newbies :)))
Nebulosus Severine: hehe
M***** R****: me showed the book the way to much explore....and creative work
M***** R****: but now I havestolen enough of your time
M***** R****: maybe we see us anytime....thanks and bye for now
Nebulosus Severine: it has been my pleasure! thanks for joining
M***** R****: :))
Nebulosus Severine: and thank you for the information

So, um, HOLY SHIT.

News #2:
Got this offline message today -
[7:51] C**** N***: hi there. c**** from the avastar here - we're doing
a feature on women in SL for international women's day this weekend and
we were going to include you in the top 10 women of SL...but we could
use a picture or 2. is there any chance you could send some to
***** ?
[7:51] C**** N***: cheers!
I am flattered, honored, and a little bewildered, as my avatar (and my inner self) is androgynous. People often refer to me as female, so... I guess it's all good. I'll take the compliments and the publicity when I can get it.

News #3:


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Arthole featured in 'Parallel Worlds: Explorations in Second Life' panel discussion

Richard Minsky, known as Artworld Market in SL, had IMed me abruptly a couple of weeks ago asking if I had some new artwork to show, and if I'd be willing to teleport him to give a brief tour. My latest piece is in the Arthole gallery that Arahan & I have been working on, so I invited him to join me there.

Turns out Artworld was at a real-life lecture at the time, and that the tour was being broadcast to a live panel! There is now video footage of it on the web --

Here's the description from the page itself:

The New School
New York, NY
Feb 13th, 2008

Parallel Worlds: Explorations in "Second Life" with panelists Fred Ritchin, NYU professor and a contributing editor of Aperture; Michael Van Horn, curator of the Joseph Monsen Collection in Seattle; Richard Minsky, founder of SLART magazine; and Michael Schmelling, photographer.

Presented in association with the first of a series of articles in Aperture wherein Fred Ritchin explores "postphotographic" media and emerging technology, this discussion focuses on the 3D virtual world Second Life, created entirely online by its residents - The New School

The entire lecture is rather long, but if you look to the right of the video screen area, you will see a menu listing several segments -- Arthole is number 6 on the list.