Friday, April 25, 2008


Bettina Tizzy invited me into NPIRL this morning at 4 am my time. (!)

ALSO, sp00ky and I finally named my installation -- "Null."

AND, sp00ky built a school desk for us for the entrance area of Arthole, to display our gallery kiosk, donation box, etc.

We are just about ready for Saturday, I think.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thought for today

Language has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone,
and the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone.

--Paul Johannes Tillich

More Arthole news - Arthole Radio

This past Saturday, April 19th, Arahan & I began our first in what will hopefully be a long series of live broadcasts for Arthole. Arahan made this announcement to the group:

Drop In, Turn Out, Tune On!

no wait...

Tune Out, Drop On, Turn In!

hmmm that's not it...

Turn On, Drop... Oh forget it!

What we're trying to say is that this Saturday 19th April is the launch of Arthole Radio!

Arahan Claveau kicks it off at 2pm [SL time] followed by the delectable Nebulosus Severine at4pm(ish).

Future broadcasts will most likely be weekly but possibly on different days, we'll announce it less vaguely when we have a clue.

Copy this URL into your media player e.g Winamp or iTunes or in your parcel in SL, if you're rich and have land:

See ya!

During a break in my set, I said a few words to explain a bit more about the aim of Arthole Radio:

Arahan and I will be doing random, semi-regular shows on Arthole Radio, playing an eclectic mix of things -- film scores, experimental music, spoken word, pretty much anything that has influenced us over time. If you tune in regularly, and we hope you do, you'll find that we'll never do quite the same thing twice -- it is our aim to constantly challenge ourselves and our listeners with something fresh & intriguing.

It was fun to do, and I look forward to doing more shows!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arthole is hitting the blogs!

Posted in the last few days:

Arthole on Raul Crimson's blog, A Crimson World

Arthole on Morris Vig's Second Arts blog

HUGE thanks to Raul and Morris!

To be an artist is to (often) be seen as deviant.

What A Head Trip
What A Head Trip
Ballpoint pen on paper

Approx. 11 in. x 8.5 in.

I don't need drugs. Srsly.

Nice little story to go along with this one.

I began this elaborate doodle about a month ago during down-time at work when there was literally nothing else to do. I'd take 5 or 10 minutes here or there, add a few more lines, curves, scratches, etc. I kept the drawing on a clipboard on the back counter. My co-workers know I'm an artist, and they all knew it was my drawing. A few made comments, etc.

I arrived to work this past Tuesday morning, already in a foul mood, to discover that my drawing, which I had kept in the same place the entire time, was missing. I looked everywhere, and it was simply gone. Infuriated, I assumed that someone had thrown it away. I was heartbroken and enraged.

Sometime later that morning, I bitched about the incident in a text message to my best friend (who also happens to work there), and she replied that she had seen the drawing in the Manager's office, yet hadn't realized it was mine -- and that she would have snagged it if she had.

Fortunately, at the end of the day, I was able to poke my head into the office, where I found the drawing laying atop a employee file bin of some kind. I retrieved it, rolled it up, slid it up my sleeve, and got the fuck out of there.

Now the question remains... what exactly was it fucking doing in the Manager's office?

Was I to be scolded and possibly punished for drawing while on company time?

And if so... what the fuck, am I in grammar school? Will I get a fucking detention? Will my mommy and daddy get a phone call?

Give me a fucking break.

Anyway... I'm just happy I was able to rescue my drawing. Because I did put several hours' work into it.

Over the years, I have come to the realization that one doesn't have to be a deviant artist to be considered "trouble" by non-creative types; one must simply be an artist in general, I think. Anyone who isn't a sheep, anyone who has a shred of individuality, is scrutinized by these controlling, corporate, bureaucratic types. The moment one steps outside the norm, the Powers That Be get confused and agitated; what they can't understand, they can't control.

And I am not one to be controlled, ever.

* ARTHOLE update

Arthole - Opening 26th April 2008
(above image by Arahan Claveau)

Arahan put together an amazing press pack PDF for the Arthole launch event - click here to check it out!

We still need to determine the actual time and schedule for the event, but that will be announced shortly.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Best compliment EVER.

"Nebulosus is a famous bad-girl artist in Second Life. She is incredibly gifted, sarcastic, and really really moody... This is a comment she left for Brooklyn Is Watching... And she's gonna kill me."

-- Dancoyote Antonelli, regarding my sculpture
"Like a snow-hill in air..." (Moby-Dick)
at the
Brooklyn Is Watching podcast #4

"Like a snow-hill in air... " (Moby-Dick) and Glow XIII x XIII (Cylinder) (Periwinkle) at Brooklyn Is Watching

For the record, the whale wasn't commentary at all. Just a random placement of a whale who needed a home.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whoa. Worst spam subject line ever.

Whilst emptying out my spam, I caught this subject line:

"Bomb her womb from your huge cannon!"


Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Five - Hold It

1. When feel the urge to use the bathroom, do you hold it or go right away?
I tend to hold it, especially if I'm not at home. I hate, hate, hate public restrooms.

2. When was the last time you held hands with someone?
I can't remember. I have grasped people's hands affectionately (friends, mom, etc.) recently, but no romantic hand-holding for me in a long time.

3. Do you hold in your emotions or let them out?
I can't hold them in.

4. If you play blackjack or poker, are you more likely to hold or fold on any given hand?
I don't play blackjack or poker.

5. In general, can you hold your tongue? When you have a secret? When someone says something you don't agree with?
I can keep secrets, usually. When it comes to holding my tongue in general, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes, for example, I can hold my tongue but won't.