Friday, May 22, 2009

4 years in Second Life.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my arrival into Second Life -- my fourth "rez day," as it's called.

4 years in Second Life

I celebrated the occasion as I usually do -- in solitude, in thought, while visiting the realms of an SL resident whose work I particularly admire, Baron Grayson.

(Incidentally, his rez day is about one year before mine, almost exactly - his is May 23, 2004.)

When I first came to SL, I spent much of my time at his island, Sanctum Sanctorum -- it was my "home" for the first couple of months. Baron's builds were my first realization that building, creating, and making art in Second Life could be something really extraordinary.

Several weeks ago, I visited his current sim, The Nameless Isle, and found a breathtaking scene at the virtual water's edge. I've spent hours there, immersed in the colors and ambient sounds.

The Nameless Isle

As a tribute to Baron Grayson, I made a brief machinima with some video clips I filmed there:

(If you cannot see the above embedded video, click here)

Thank you, Baron, for continuing to inspire me 4 years later.


SunShine said...

HAPPY HAPPY REZ DAY NEB! May you have many more, and may I be always there to wish you one more.

On the sad side, The Nameless Isle is going away soon. Both Sue and Baron are leaving SL, and that sim that I love as much as you do will soon be gone. Thank you for capturing it forever.

kumi kuhr said...

this is such a succinct tribute Nebs (and happy rezz day too btw) -- Sunny, I can't believe Sue and Baron are leaving ?!? why ?!?
This is a very sad thing :-/

Penumbracarter said...

Happy rez day Nebulosus, glad your here:)

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Thanks, everybody!