Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Scarf

Baby Scarf

I made this in response to the controversy over "animal cruelty" regarding a FAKE/PRIM fox scarf made by Anya Ohmai -- read the article here:

Comment thread is priceless. 

"What's fashionable about death?" -- Lyrical Popstar


"It's ugly and gruesome. I wouldn't wear it unless I were trying to portray the sort of barbarian who wraps her bloody nature in the trappings of civilization, at which point it'd be a tell-tale indicator of the inner life of the wearer."  -- Arcadia Codesmith

Bitch, you couldn't HANDLE my inner life.

Also, if you're in Second Life, you can pick up your OWN Baby Scarf here! Only L$3!


Now available on the Marketplace!

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