Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fuck Your God.

You know, this might be fairly obvious, but as an artist, I often react to things that cause me emotional distress by creating something.

I had been wandering the grid tonight in SL, not doing anything in particular, and I decided to roam around the cemetery that I helped build for Le Cimetiere. There is a church that Jinx bought as a pre-fab that she had me re-texture to look more "evil" & gothic to fit the theme. Naturally, I inverted the crucifix hanging over the entrance of the church (haha).

As I strolled through that area of the cemetery tonight, I noticed that someone (whose name I won't mention) built a white cross and covered the inverted crucifix with it. The description of the white cross reads:
God still shines in the dark.

This enraged me, disgusted me, turned my stomach.

I am not against the idea of God, or belief in God, necessarily. I am not a Satanist, nor am I an atheist. It's just this blind faith to a fucking religion that
I absolutely

Having attended Catholic school for 7 years in my youth, and having been raised with that religion forced down my throat, doesn't do much to make me very sympathetic to Christianity. In fact, it makes me pretty goddamn annoyed and disgusted with it all.

I don't know if the person who placed the cross is one of the people who falls into the category of religious zealot/brainwashed peckerhead. It doesn't really matter. The placement of the cross, and its smug, self-righteous (at least, that's how I interpreted it) message was enough to just... piss me off.

So I placed my response directly over the white cross -- a black and red cross with an angry smoldering glow entitled,


Fuck Your God (3)

I was so pissed off that I went to place a few rows of the crosses at my build at The Garden of NPIRL Delights, too. I'm sure someone will eventually cause a ruckus about it, but I don't fucking care - lick my art-tit, suck my art-hole.

Fuck Your God (1)

Fuck Your God (2)

FUCK your "God."

FUCK your "God" that you think favors you yet condemns everyone else;
FUCK your "God" that tells you to hate others who are different;
FUCK your "God" that robs you of your ability to think rationally, to think for yourself.

Fuck YOU and your "GOD."


Anonymous said...

Religious types generally are bullies Neb. Deluded, weak and desperate.

Stained glass windows keep the cold outside
While the hypocrites hide inside
With the lies of statues in their minds
Where the Christian religion made them blind
Where they hide
And prey to the God of a bitch spelled backwards is dog
Not for one race, one creed, one world
But for money

Do you pray to the Holy Ghost when you suck your host
Do you read whos dead in the Irish Post
Do you give away the cash you cant afford
On bended knees and pray to lord
Fat pig priest
Sanctimonious smiles
He takes the money
You take the lies

This is religion
A liar on the altar
Sermon never falter
This is religion

This is religion and Jesus Christ
This is religion cheaply priced
This is bibles full of libel
This is sin in eternal hymn
This is what they've done
This is your religion
The apostles were eleven
Now theres a sod in Heaven

Jubilant said...

The person who put up the white cross is a griefer pure and simple. A sim full of bouncing porn images would be a more honest reflection of their maturity level. That they would grief in the name of God makes it hard for me to believe they have any real connection to God.

Amy said...

bwhahahah! good for you neb!!

I want to say for the record that I was raised Christian... but I swear, it was a very different kind of Christianity than I see expressed today. Growing up, it was all about taking care of the poor and less fortunate, sticking up for what is right in the face of adversity, and other cool things. (Doesn't Jello Biafra have a song called "Jesus is a Terrorist/an enemy of the state" which is basically about all this?) How the hell is it now all about censorship, excluding others, siding with those in power and all around being a serious asshole. It sickens me.

Arteer said...

Well done, Miss Severine. Your piece at the Garden of Delights was one of my favorites.