Thursday, May 29, 2008

"tired of being sexy"

The name of electro/rock group Cansei de Ser Sexy (aka CSS) means "tired of being sexy" in Brazilian Portuguese.

I'm pretty fucking tired of being sexy, too. RL me is nowhere near as skinny as my avi was (even the new version of my shape is skinnier than I am). At first it was rather liberating to be thin in SL, but I am not feeling embodied in that form the way I used to be -- especially since I don't regard SL as being separate from RL. In RL I am fat and lumpy, and I'm sick of hating myself for it.

Perfect Beauty is cheap and overrated, especially in Second Life. I'm fucking bored of it. I don't look down upon other people for being imperfect, or for being fat, or whatever, so why can't I accept myself for being that way too?

New Model # Neb

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