Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'd like to dedicate this post to show my appreciation to several people who have gone above and beyond for me lately.

First (and this is long overdue), I would like to thank the members of COW, the agency who have allowed me the use of their sim. Thank you, Russell Wertmuller, Dirkthecow Writer, Shelley Soderstrom, ChampagneSupernova Lane, and of course Bettina Tizzy (of NPIRL) for making it all possible! I am doing my best to create something amazing on the sim and I hope I do not disappoint.

Second, I would like to thank my friends SunShine Kukulcan and Klink Epsilon for their recent donation -- wow!! I am floored and extraordinarily grateful. I'd also like to thank them for continuing to help run the Art & Artist Network group when I am unable to. You guys are amazing; thank you for continuing to support me.

There are many more people I want to thank & I will do so very soon!

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