Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jewelry I made

'Swan's Tears' set

Okay, this post is really overdue. A few weeks ago I collaborated with Callie Cline & made the jewelry & prim eyes for the dress/ensemble she designed for the Black Swan fashion show.

It's available for purchase here, but only for another day or so (then I'll be moving it):

Callie's blog has an article about it here:

Also, I just found out last night that Callie was featured in a real-life print magazine from Cypress; there are several pictures of her & in one of them she's wearing the Swan Song outfit plus the jewelry I made -- wow! So one of my creations is in print in a real magazine, that's crazy! Callie's blog mentions it here:

The article doesn't mention my name but that's okay; I'll make it into another magazine article someday, maybe!

Swan Song & Swan's Tears in RL print magazine

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