Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Windlight preset installation for Mac users!

I met a helpful person named Sean Clancy today at 'Chasm' and he was able to figure out how to install the Chasm Windlight presets for Mac OS X! I know several people have been asking me how to do it, and now I can finally pass that information along!

---FOR MAC OS X---
Download the zip file here --

1.) Unzip the files (if you don't have UnRarX, you can download that for free here -- http://www.unrarx.com/) and extract them.

2.) Go to your Applications folder and right-click on the version of Second Life you're running. Select 'Show Package Contents.'

It should open a new window with a folder called 'Contents' -- open that folder, then within it open 'Resources', then within that open 'app_settings', then within that open 'windlight.'

In the 'windlight' folder drag the files to these subfolders:
Dark%20Water.xml -- Resources/app_settings/windlight/water
Shine%20Modified.xml -- Resources/app_settings/windlight/skies

3.) To see the new Windlight settings, you must restart Second Life. Then, in the 'World' menu, select 'Environment Editor.' Press the 'Advanced Sky' button and choose 'Shine Modified' from the list. Press the 'Advanced Water' menu and choose 'Dark Water.'

You can reset the skies/water at any time by choosing a different Windlight setting or by reverting to region default under 'Environment Settings.'

The original Windlight installation post is here:


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