Friday, November 14, 2008

Are you kidding?

Got this offline message from a Second Life resident today (name has been omitted):

[11:33] R******** A*****: Hello I'm trying to reach you pleasel eave me am essage thanks
[11:34] R******** A*****: You built a david bowie building and I'm having a massive party in his honor next saturday could I have a copy of this building and or textures?
So, let me get this straight -- you want me to just hand over something I took time and energy to create, not to mention what it cost me in upload fees, so you can take the credit for it when you throw this "massive party"?

Granted, I do give away a lot of my art. But this is a lot different. Maybe if he had asked me to build it for him, and maybe if he had invited me to the party, too? Jesus.

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