Monday, July 13, 2009

Making my brother's wedding cake.

At long last, the project of making the cake for my brother's wedding is FINALLY accomplished and behind me. Here's the full story:

Not long after my brother proposed to his now-wife, he asked me if I would be willing to make the wedding cake. He knew I had taken a couple of Wilton cake decorating classes and had been impressed with the cakes I had made for the final projects.

With a bit of apprehension, I accepted. I knew it would be a HUGE, huge challenge, and I knew it would likely be almost an overwhelming task, but... I love my brother, and his wife is an amazing, sweet person -- I love them both to death, and I wanted to make them happy on their wedding day. I approached the project as I would any other art project, so I think that made it easier for me to deal with.

I started the process a few weeks prior to the wedding date. Fortunately, icing keeps well in the freezer, so I made all of that ahead of time.

Ten batches of icing.

Over the next couple of weeks, I bought the ingredients and equipment I needed, but had to wait to do the bulk of the work (like the actual baking, etc.)

I struggled for awhile with the design. I knew that the bride-to-be wanted Funfetti cake, but other than that, the entire concept of the cake was totally open. Fortunately, the cake stand I bought helped me to narrow down what I wanted to do.

Finally, on the Thursday before the wedding (which was on Saturday, July 11th), I decided on the final design and I bought the accessories I needed.

Wedding cake adornments

I started baking on Thursday night, and while the cakes were in the oven, I worked to assemble the accessories -- the beaded garlands that would circle the perimeters of the cakes.

Beaded garland for wedding cake.

I finished baking early on Friday, then worked late, late, LATE into the wee hours getting all the cakes filled, frosted, and covered with fondant. I didn't finish up til about 5 a.m.

14-inch-cake, covered with fondant.

The next morning before the wedding, I had to transport the blank cakes, the stand, and all the accessories to the reception hall, to finish assembling it. Once there, I arranged the cakes on the stand, hand-painted the metallic swirl designs (the "paint" is made of edible glitter powder mixed with vanilla flavoring), then added the ribbons and garlands to the base; then I affixed the bride & groom to the cake.

Finished cake.

THEN, I ran the hell to the bathroom, got changed, and hurried along to the wedding -- I made it there JUST in time!

The wedding was beautiful, and as we headed to the reception, I felt relieved that I could finally relax. However -- I was worried that the cake wouldn't taste good, despite all the work I put into it -- but it turned out to be delicious, and got universal rave reviews. Most importantly, it made my brother and his wife happy, and that is the biggest and best compliment I could have received.

Making this cake was stressful, tiring, aggravating, nerve-wracking... and totally, totally worth it.

Slideshow of all the cake photos:

(If you cannot see the embedded slideshow, click here for a direct link.)


mm said...

Yay! Well done! I can't even imagine doing that! Meaningful as well as beautiful :)

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Thank you, Mab!

kumi kuhr said...

fantastic arrangement Nebs! I esp liked the bride and groom setup =)

Elliebob Bean said...

Oh I love it! Excellent job Nebs!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cake....lovely arrangement.

*kisses the cook*

Anonymous said...

right on, nebby <3!!! killer job *snugs*

Penumbracarter said...

Lovely Neb, fondit too, wow! What were the batteries for LOL:)

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Thanks everybody!

Pen, the batteries were for the tiny light garlands that encircled the cake stand columns.