Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art in Second Life - Dying out?

Brooklyn Is Watching seems to be pretty much dead in the water (the former weekly podcasts just aren't happening, the blog updates are becoming less and less frequent).

Now the Not Possible In Real Life blog is being discontinued.

So, what's going on? Is the art community of Second Life just going through a slump - or has the golden age of art in SL coming to an end? Is this pattern indicative of a downturn of Second Life in general?


Dekka Raymaker / Andrew MacLachlan said...

hey! Neb, I have noticed this too. My build at Odyssey just keeps hanging in there, but I don't mind it can stay there as long as they want to leave it. Other art sim sites seem to be saying, ooh we have to put the next meeting back I have RL stuff to sort, I kind of thought well maybe it's coming up to Christmas, but it started going limp towards the end of the summer season.

BiW is in a bit of a slump for sure, there are new things happening in the background, it all depends on how quickly those can be put in motion. There is already a new sim site ready to go, it just needs Jay to finalize a couple of things for it to be up and running, then we have a new playground again :)

kumi kuhr said...

Another blog commented about Bettina's decision: "Gotta roll with the changes I say - as long as she's not stopping doing that magic she does, I'm happy :-D

My first response was "EDIT: as long as the creative artists don't stop doing their magic Bettina will do her magic..." and it's true that it's been quiet lately all over. I've no idea why, most likely RL (which has been really shitty for at least a year now... money, meh).

I really look forward to seeing what she does next -- a really astute intelligent person.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes think the same when I'm not working on something in SL, and as soon as I'm busy again it becomes a non-issue. But we all know the best SL art projects will always get limited attention, that's just the way it is.

BiW has just moved to Mab's sim, hopefully the podcasts and blog posts will pick up and artists will support it. Jay just needs to stick to a regular routine and people will catch on again.

Good point about that comment Kumi, but NPIRL was never an art project, Bettina Tizzy said that herself.