Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fracture Fridays

Well, cutbacks have been made at work, and for the time being at least it seems like I have most Friday evenings free. Thus, I have decided to play a couple of DJ gigs in Second Life at Fracture ("Fracture is a club presenting eclectic aural adventures. We are a haven for an eccentric and lovely crowd of oddballs, queers, freethinkers, radical faeries, gender transgressors, lefties, and mad scientists. All species and orientations welcome.")

Fracture Friday
"Welcome to Fracture! I'm your DJ, Nebulosus Severine.
Come on down! I'll play some music, we'll talk, no big whoop."

I am going to compile any tips I earn to supplement a savings fund in order to make it to Fracturecon this year -- an annual summertime gathering of Fracture regulars. I've never traveled by myself before, nor have I ever flown. One of my goals this year, as a way of expanding my horizons and growing as a person, is to do both. I have spent a lot of my life in fear of experiencing many things, and I am tired of being confined by those self-imposed restrictions.

Earlier tonight (or, technically yesterday), I played a more themed set:
Snow-mageddon 2011 night on Fracture Radio!
"Up here in the Northeast, we just survived Snow-mageddon 2011! Help me to commemorate this milestone by swinging by Fracture, tonight (Friday) beginning at 6 pm SLT - I'll be providing winter-themed music and a temporary art installation to match. Dubious Longfall will be taking the DJ reigns after me. Hope to see you there!!"

I'll continue to make posts about my radio shows here. Eventually I'll get around to posting my setlists and stuff too... maybe.

(See also -- Fracture Radio!)

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