Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skin Hunger, blogged

My revision of the Skin Hunger installation was mentioned recently in a couple of different Second Life blogs:

Linden Lab has done something really good! They have set up a 9-sim region and dedicated it for the use of Second Life artists. According to the wiki, the sims are to be used in three ways: a general sandbox area, a "self-curating gallery area" for somewhat longer lasting displays by single artists, and a "building resources area" with freebies, classes and other goodies of use to artists working in this virtual environment. It has been open for less than two weeks, and only the sandbox area is active so far. But this is an exciting development for artists in SL. And, in a very tangible sense, a validation of the critical role artists have traditionally played in making this world a place worth living.
Read the rest of the New World Notes article here.


LL recently opened the LEA Sandbox and I have been dropping by every now and then to take a look at the things people have been sharing and creating. The sandbox is a really great place to stop in and get a look at people in their creative process or to see what others are showing. Yesterday evening I decided to record a few of them to share with you after feeling the need to film Nebulosus Severine's "Skin Hunger".

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