Monday, June 20, 2011

Work stress

It's only 20 hours of work a week at my job, but the amount of stress I've been having there lately has been reaching unbearable levels.

Today is just one example. I was in an upbeat mood, planned a bit of the video I'm going to do for my Kickstarter project (stay tuned for details), went for an amazing walk in the beautiful weather, and came back happy and energetic. Within minutes of being at work, I became annoyed, impatient, easily upset, frustrated, and in physical pain. Everything hurts, every little thing is causing every emotional & mental nerve ending to shriek out in pain. As I sit here typing this, I'm acutely annoyed at my difficulty with even putting this into words. Every little distraction, interruption, hindrance to what I'm trying to focus on is just irritating the fuck out of me; I want to fucking throw things and slam doors and scream obscenities so violent and vulgar that they crack the fucking earth in two.
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