Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just came up with this weird metaphor for life as I was just sitting here drawing.

Not sure how many of you know how the process works when I draw in the style I've been using lately. Basically, it's all improvised. Of course, I do have recurring themes and imagery (the eye/s being the most obvious thing), but I start with some lines and just kind of see where it goes. I don't draw anything in pencil first. I allow that there will sometimes be mistakes and marks that I don't intend. I work those into the drawing and make it fit into it somehow. It's not all perfect and it isn't meant to be.

Anyway, as I was filling in some lines in this current drawing, I realized that possibly the key to surviving and thriving in this life is to kind of do the same thing. That life will throw random chaos at us. What we have to do is work it into place somehow. We have to catch what is thrust at us and shape it somehow to fit into the picture. It's our fucking destiny after all, isn't it? If we focus hard enough, we have more control than we know.

Or maybe I'm completely batshit crazy.

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