Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chasm R.I.P.

I was informed that the Cow sim, where 'Chasm' had been installed, was due to be sold on September 1st. So, regrettably, I had to take down everything the night after Arthole Season 2 opened.

'Chasm' itself wasn't much -- only about 500 prims in all.

'ORIENTATION' was built on that sim as well, which took up about another 3000 prims.

So, in all, I had two major installations on the sim that took up just under 3500 prims. Not bad. I have learned to be rather frugal with prim usage, though.

Frugal prim usage

I wasn't really too sad to take down 'Chasm' (though I wish I could have left 'ORIENTATION' up for a few more days so that Arahan & I could film it a bit); I was ready to say goodbye to it and move on.

Taking down 'Chasm'

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to, helped with, visited, and otherwise supported my projects on the Cow sim.

The sun sets on Chasm

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