Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Fear

President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law
December 31, 2011 
WASHINGTON – President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law today. The statute contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA, and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations. The White House had threatened to veto an earlier version of the NDAA, but reversed course shortly before Congress voted on the final bill. 
“President Obama's action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director.
Happy New Fear


"I give my submission to the war banner of the United Battlefield of America; unto the Controlling Congress and Officials bought out by representatives of global corporations, for which it's own personal intentions stand, one Police State, under God, divided by class, race, religion, sexual orientation, social status and wealth; with liberty and justice for those that can steal or afford it."

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