Monday, January 16, 2012


My mind has been driving me crazy lately - hah. Thinking, stretching, yearning... What the hell does this all mean? For as long as I can remember, from the moment in my young childhood that I became self-aware, there have not been many days that I haven't thought about this -- how the universe works, What It All Means, why am I here? What the hell is the purpose of all this? These questions are as much of my daily routine as is breathing. My head hurts. This is the definition of "uncomfortable" -- right now I am literally un-comfort-able. I can't find comfort in anything. I'm not exactly unhappy right now, but I have a headache from thinking too hard, and I can't stop. Music, reading, art, cooking, human interaction, I can't focus on anything, my mind branching out in a million tendrils, stretching out to the farthest reaches of the universe, looking for answers.

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