Sunday, March 22, 2009

New piece at Brooklyn Is Watching

Bunnyken In La-La-Land

Bunnyken In La-La-Land

I did this piece in response to a bit of a slump/period of isolation I entered about a month & a half ago due to a long and (to me) depressing discussion over at the Brooklyn Is Watching blog; you can read the long & dreary thread here, if you are so inclined.

I never could quite explain why that conversation made me feel so dejected, but it crippled my urge to create much of any art at all in SL. So I pulled away from the art community almost entirely for quite awhile. Didn't make anything; didn't go see much of anything by anybody else, either. I felt like I had nothing to contribute to the dialogue, and nothing to gain from it, either. I spent some time working on other things; I read, I drew, I painted a bit.

Anyway, on Saturday I suddenly felt inspiration strike, & went on to build Bunnyken In La-La-Land. The image of the happy, jumping Bunnyken is definitely a nod to Arahan's original "Bunnykenland" picture, but the meaning & intent behind it is very different (and of course, is not meant to infringe on his idea at all). It represents the emotional & mental state of being in my own little world for awhile, not in a depressed way, but in a way that's kind of blissfully unaware & withdrawn on purpose. It also expresses my joy for the spring season, which has been intensified by music like Animal Collective's latest album Merriweather Post Pavilion (especially the final track, Brother Sport).

[As a matter of fact, I will be playing music to accompany Bunnyken In La-La-Land for my show this week on Arthole Radio. More details about the upcoming broadcasts soon!]

Bunnyken In La-La-Land is currently on display at Brooklyn Is Watching in SL. Here's the SLurl if you want to go see it:

Bunnyken In La-La-Land

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Anonymous said...

Just saw this! I need to log into SL asap and check it out, looks fantastic. Looking forward to your radio show, sounds like it will be really cool. Also, I haven't got the new Animal Collective album yet, heard good things about it.