Friday, January 2, 2009

BIG news - my first art commission

This is probably one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me, and I am only just sharing it with the world now.

In November, I sold my first (real-life) painting.

It was completed, and shipped, in late December. It was commissioned by my friend, Sunshine Kukulcan, who has been a huge supporter of my art since I first met her nearly 3 years ago in SL. She gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted for the piece -- here are the first pictures I have released of the finished art:


November (detail)

November (inner light shown)
Title: November
28 in. X 11 in.

Acrylic, enamel, and LED lights on canvas

Notes: I took these pics with my phone camera, so they're pretty crappy resolution.

The streaks of light-colored paint are silver, not white as it may appear.

I created this piece in an attempt to capture the feeling of gloom/nostalgia I mentioned on my blog not too long ago (the 'November in my soul' post). It is a diptych that is actually comprised of 6 smaller canvases which I layered (3 on each side).

There are LEDs inside the piece to illuminate it from within.

Sunshine has promised to take better photos of the piece and send them to me, so I will post better, higher-resolution pics as soon as I can!

Beginning now, I will begin accepting more commissions, so if you'd like me to create something for you, contact me at nebulosus dot severine at gmail dot com and we can negotiate.

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