Friday, January 30, 2009

My photo 'B is for Bird' featured in 'Architectuur en Alfabet' exhibition & book

B is for Bird

Back in October of 2008, I got a Flickr mail from someone asking permission to use my photograph B is for Bird in an upcoming exhibition & publication:
Dear madam, dear sir,

The Centre for Architecture in Leiden in the Netherlands is organising an exhibition entitled Architecture & Alphabet focusing on buildings which make use of letters.

Searching for examples on the internet, we found your beautiful photograph B is for Bird

Would you be so kind as to grant us permission to reproduce your photo in the book publication (in Dutch) that we are preparin
g, and may be also in the exhibition itself? We would, of course, guarantee that your name is mentioned as the photographer.

Our Centre being a non-commercial cultural institution which is completely funded by government subsidy and run by volunteers, we regrettably are not able to pay for your permission. Moreover, the book will be sold at a low price which will hardly cover our printing costs while entrance to all our exhibitions is free. We would gladly send you an invitation for the opening of our exhibition, which is in December of this year.

I granted them permission, and nearly had forgotten about it until I received another message inviting me to the opening of the exhibition -- I was not able to be there in person, of course, but it was a nice gesture all the same:
RAP Architecture Centre cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition Architectuur en Alfabet and the presentation of the publication with the same name,Thursday 22nd January 2009 at 17.00 hours. Location: RAP Architecture Centre Nieuwstraat 33, 2312 KA Leiden...

...Book Architectuur en Alfabet (Dutch)
Publisher : RAP Architectuurcentrum

Editors: Bernard de Mol Moncourt, Annemarie Beunen, Barbara Heijl en Fons Verheijen
Graphic design: Jan Kleingeld
144 pages, ISBN 978-90-810744-2-1
Price: 15 euro

Exhibition Architectuur en Alfabet
January 23- March 29
Open: Friday , Saturday and Sunday 12-17 h and by appointment

RAP Architectuurcentrum
Nieuwstraat 33, 2312 KA Leiden

I got another message just this morning, with a link to the .PDF version of the book:
A few months ago we asked your permission to use one of your photo’s for a publication.
We are very pleased to present you with the pdf-version of ‘Architectuur en Alfabet’. The following link will give you access for seven days.
We worked hard the last couple of month and hope you will enjoy the result. Although the book is in Dutch, we hope the
multitude of pictures will make a good reading on its own.
We trust you will respect our copyright.
Thank you for your contribution to our project, on behalf of the RAP architectuurcentrum,

Kind regards,
Prof. ir. Fons Verheijen

I replied with my thanks, and asked permission to use a couple of images from the publication so that I could make a blog post about it. I was given permission, and I am grateful to be able to share the following image compilation of the book & my photo within it:

My photo, 'B is for Bird' in Architectuur en Alfabet


Anonymous said...

That's really cool Neb! It is a great photo, so I'm not surprised they wanted to use it.

Arteer said...

Congrats, Neb! ... and what a pretty picture it is!

Nebulosus Severine / CM Pauluh said...

Thanks so much, Arahan & Arteer!