Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Five - Sensory overload

1. Do you ever wonder if the way you see things visually isn't how other people see them?
Yes, it has crossed my mind quite a few times. One thing I know for sure, I tend to notice a lot of visual details that most people miss.

2. What kind of sounds are the most annoying?
Cellphones (people's ringtones drive me batshit crazy), screaming children, and in general, anything that invades or interrupts my train of thought. I notice every little sound and I have a really difficult time blocking out anything.

3. When walking through a store, do you shop with your hands by touching/feeling the texture of things?
Definitely. My senses are all quite acute, so texture/tactile information is important, too.

4. If you could only smell three scents for the rest of your life, what would they be?
That's a really difficult question to answer -- that's like asking me to pick which 3, and only 3, songs to listen to for the rest of my days. There's no way I could pick just 3. I love a myriad number of scents -- sandalwood; Nag Champa incense; the sea; orange peel; amber resin; patchouli; clean towels; carved pumpkins; autumn leaves; snowy evenings; lavender; strawberries; evergreen trees; vanilla; fresh-brewed coffee; beeswax; ginger; peppermint; scented candles; clove cigarettes; books;... and so on. Too many to list.

5. What sorts of things do you savor when eating them?
Almost everything, if it's something I like. I have a very keen sense of taste and I appreciate good food; I enjoy every bite.

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