Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SLNN deletes comments?

I had seen some comments to recent articles on the SLNN website, and it seems those comments have been deleted. There was nothing offensive about the comments that I could see; why would SLNN's staff delete them? Is it possible that the missing comments are just the result of an error?

Edit - 5:42 pm
Here's an explanation on the site, written by one of the people on the SLNN staff:

On Sunday, we moved the site to a new server for the second time in two weeks (since after the first move was unsuccessful, we had to move it back to the original server. Every time we move the site to its "new home", the comments don't seem to be coming with it. It has to do with spam. While spam is not appearing in what actually appears in comments, the site was full of it. (I can attest to the fact that over the past year, no matter what supposed filters are put on my slnn email account, I get at least 50-100 spam emails to that old account a day. I am hoping we can get the old comments back. I am not as yet sure if we can. Our apologies.
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