Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Political is Personal" SL installation by PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Sherpa Voyager -- All Too Possible IRL

I rarely write about much art in SL because there isn't much out there that really strikes a chord with me (I'm also a procrastinator; I'm lucky if I even remember to blog about my own work), but I went to visit an installation today that more people should see.

"Political is Personal" installation by PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Sherpa Voyager - 1

Here's what I wrote on my Flickr photoset of it:

I read about this installation on the SLART™ website and had to see it for myself.

It's an important build about some very uncomfortable topics. This isn't the kind of art you'll typically see covered by most SL art blogs, because:

-- it's not pretty/colorful/full of fairies or swirly things;
-- it's unsettling and disturbing; and
-- it requires you to THINK, not only about others, but YOURSELF as well.

Most SL residents would probably prefer not to deal with those topics, as they come to SL to escape "RL" -- what's the fucking difference, anyway? Life is life.

If you want to go see (and you should), here's the SLurl:

Thanks to ArtWorld Market for leading me to this, and thanks to both of the artists for addressing such tough subject matter.

My photoset of it is here, but you really should experience it for yourself, whether you are American or not. Go alone so you can really think about it. Then talk to someone about it.

It's refreshing to see art like this, when far too many artists focus on beauty, whimsy, and easily digestible subject matter. Sure, there is merit in that kind of art (some of it, anyway), but it's far too easy to create it, and far too easy for the viewer to process it. I love beauty just like anyone else, but it doesn't challenge the intellect, it doesn't require one to think. I'm sick of that kind of art, most of it is shallow or superficial. Beauty is fucking overrated. Beauty is effortless. I want to be attacked by the beauty of ugliness, I want my mind to reel from it.

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ArtWorld Market said...

Well said. Glad you added this to your blog. I particularly like the flikr photo with you reading the names of the casualties.