Friday, July 9, 2010

Illness vs. will

I would like to point out, to anyone who might not understand, that emotional desperation, depression, etc., is NOT a matter of will.

It's not something one can simply CHOOSE to get over.

One cannot CHOOSE to make cancer go away.

Mental illness is exactly that -- an ILLNESS.

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Penumbracarter said...

I know its an illness. There must be free clinics about with people to help you. Sometimes they can have a personal assistant come and visit you periodically for as long as you need them. Its good not to hide out, it only gets worse. I know that hiding out is part of being very depressed,you can call them, that is the first step.
If you ever need to talk to anyone, I am a good listener. I will not try to fix things by listening, sometimes just knowing that you have someone to talk to is enough to help with the day. I say this all because I have had someone very close in my life who has felt like you do now, and have learned how to get help when they need it, or they are in touch enough for us to say , you better go in and get some help. Most people truly dont understand Mental Illness, its not a choice you have made it has chosen you. You just need to know that there is help and people who care about you.