Thursday, June 5, 2008



avoidant, cautious, depressed, dislikes large parties, dislikes leadership, does not fit in, does not want to fit in, does not make friends easily, emotionally sensitive, feels invisible, feels undesirable, focuses on people's hidden motives, intellectual, introverted, irritable, likes silence, nihilistic, not a thrill seeker, observer, paranoid, phobic, reclusive, reveals little about self, secretive, solitude loving, suspicious, values solitude, weird, worrying

Not good at human relationships.

I'm sorry.

I've tried.

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Cheen Pitney said...

well I say.... lets party like its the end of time, you bring the hats, balloons and noise makers and I'll bring the lame, banal sculptures folks love to hate. You bring the ideas and I'll bring the closed mind. You bring the donuts and I'll bring the coffee. You bring your third eye and I'll bring my bald spot.