Thursday, June 12, 2008

To all who expressed concern...

I am not quite alright, but I will be.

And no, nothing in particular happened, not really (nothing I should have gotten this upset over, anyway).

To all who expressed concern...

It's just the way I get sometimes. It's life, it's the world in general, that gets to me, and when it hits, it hits hard.

And there's nothing that anybody can really say or do to ease that burden for me. Nothing and no-one is a comfort.

It's often frustratingly difficult for me to even know what to do -- reach out in a futile attempt for solace (and I get more frustrated if I don't find the calm I seek), or isolate myself further, so that I don't poison the ones I care about with all this inner rage, pain, grief... I'm no good to anyone in that state.

But it passes; it always does. It just needs to work itself out of my system, like a fever.

Anyway. This is a thank you, to any of my friends or associates who have showed genuine concern; you know who you are. And I do apologize if I acted like a dick to anyone.

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Raul Crimson said...

Sometimes we all need to be alone, we all need our own space and calm, or our own "private" storm.