Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cake class, Course Two, finished at last!

Yeah, I may not have mentioned it in this blog before, but I have been taking Wilton cake decorating classes.

Course One was back in September, and I have just completed Course Two.

Cake flower basket - Course 2 completed project
(appy polly loggies for the low-res camera-phone picture)

With a bit of reluctance, I have decided to take Course Three as well. My roommate really has her heart set on it, and, well, I need to get out of the damn house once in awhile, anyway. :P

The classes themselves have been pretty fun, but it's a LOT of work at home, too (hence my reluctance).

For this course alone we must have gone through literally about 15 pounds of icing/powdered sugar to make various icings. Jeeeeesus christ, Royal Icing is a pain in the ass to work with. It's hard to get the consistency right, and if you're not careful it'll dry out on you and turn into basically cement. It makes some awesome flowers, but it's tricky.

The most fun part of this class was doing the basket weave technique on the final project. Fortunately, that used buttercream icing which is much more forgiving than the royal variety.

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