Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today, and various things

Let me get all this down before I forget it. :P

Tomorrow is my youngest brother's high school graduation party. I bought him a DVD ('No Country For Old Men') and a copy of The Catcher in the Rye, which had a big impact on me when I was about his age. I know, I know -- how cliché. Haha. Anyway, I wrote a little something in the front of it for him -- I didn't think about it, just wrote:

Dear ___,
When I was about your age I had to read this for school, my senior year. Back then I really didn't care about my classes, but when we were assigned to read this I really got into it. I never did the reading assignments at home and read this in class when everybody else was talking about the day's lesson. I don't think anyone in the class liked this book but me. I hope you like it too. --- Love, ____.

Somehow I am not feeling nostalgic or sad about this, despite how I usually am. This is a good thing, though! Christ, I am sick of being moody.

One thing I AM sad about, however, is the fact that Arahan, my friend , fellow artist, and cumpatriot (yes, spelled that wrong on purpose) has decided to leave Flickr - he deleted his entire account today. I can barely express how shocked and sad I was to find this out... Our mutual friend, Kham, has posted a wonderful tribute to him:

Mister Claveau is out of the building
(image courtesy of Khamudy Mannonen)

I was supposed to DJ a set for the Garden of NPIRL Delights today, and instead hung out with friends in Arahan's locker at Arthole and dedicated my music set to him. I recorded it, but it needs editing, and when that's done I will post a link to the file in this blog. I took a ton of pictures too, & you'll see those here as well.

And speaking of The Garden, I am rather pissed off with their selective promotion of the music events. I have seen notices sent out about other music acts and DJs, but none have been done for me at all. I wouldn't have had any audience at all for my set on Monday if friends of mine hadn't pulled together to hang out with me. Ah well, whatever. The Garden of NPIRL Delights as an exhibition was rather underwhelming for me. Can't win 'em all, I guess. I might just blow off my set tomorrow, although I haven't yet decided.

Oh yeah, by the way, the last day for the Garden is on the 23rd, if anyone cares. Haha. Meh.. there were some decent builds, and a lot of people seemed to have fun with it, but... I was disappointed with the experience overall. I'm grateful to have been a part of it, it just didn't grab me. Oh well.

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