Saturday, June 6, 2009

New commission piece - 'Talk To Me'

About twelve hours ago, I finished my latest painting, Talk To Me; and about 8 hours ago, I delivered it to its recipient.


Talk To Me (diptych)
Title: Talk To Me (diptych)
Year: 2009
Dimensions: Approx. 32 in. X 20 in.
Media: Acrylic on canvas

Talk To Me - detail 1 Talk To Me - detail 2
Detail 1, Detail 2

Talk To Me - raw sketch
Raw sketch


Penumbracarter said...

Nice Neb, on both accounts:) There is nothing like finishing something and delivering it to wanting hands. The piece "Talk to Me" to me, plays off of your balloons for bunykin. Just recently I feel I have my focus back, hate even saying that for fear of being jinxed :P Oh yes, I do have a sight, blog sight, bit of a mess, it will develop:P

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Thanks, Pen! The orb shapes do resemble balloons, never thought of that before.

I understand your apprehension, I worry about jinxing myself too, sometimes.

I'd love to see your blog, whenever you're ready!