Monday, June 29, 2009

Siri Woodget's blog

Siri Woodget was kind enough to write a review of my installation at the Caerleon Art Collective on her blog, My Life in Second Life:

Bittersweet memories -
...Severine built an evocative and typical scene for many children shipped off to summer camp each year, called Summer, 1985; a platform tent in the woods; sleeping bag resting on thin mattress, bag of clothes stuffed damply beneath the rusty springs of the bed, can of repellent rolling across the floor. Visitors are asked to lie on the bed and listen to the radio. Stations quickly change as though someone were spinning the dial looking for a good tune...

(full article here)

Thanks so much, Siri! I'm glad you were able to visit, and I'm glad you enjoyed group show as well.

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