Friday, June 26, 2009

SL Blogger Meme: Who Inspired Your Avatar?

Found on New World Notes:
Spread This SL Blogger Meme: Who Inspired Your Avatar?

My answer:

My avatar isn't based on anything other than perhaps my subconscious; it is a self-portrait of sorts, and strongly resembles many of the ink drawings I've done in the past - which are symbolic self-portraits as well.

The Inner Self

Pteron - 29

Portrait of the Artist (The Composer)

Pic for blog

I consider my avatar as an extension of my art - it is a very stylized self-portrait in itself.


mm said...

My main avatar has not gone through many changes, except for changing my hair and eyes like clothes (which I have done a lot in RL being the hapless Barbie-doll daughter and ex-wife of salonistas, and with the help of contact lenses).

I still have the noobie shape that I tweaked into 'me' the first month and haven't changed it since.

My avie looks much like me (a little taller), dresses like me, and acts like me (which is why I rarely use an AO although I own a dozen of them at least) I walk and run and sit and fall that way in RL, and love the Charlie Chaplin walk that occasionally happens.

I don't see my husband a lot in RL. We meet in SL sometimes and goof around when we can't be together, so it's important that we look familiar, and it's nice to be the youngsters we were when we first met- which we are on the inside.

So I suppose you could say that my youth inspired my avatar. On the other hand if you see me as a mermaid, a faery, a tiny, a robot, or a furry, that would also be a projection of some aspect of my inner self. Inner portrait is a good description.

I love your powerful inner portrait with your third eye and your strength.

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Amazing story, Mab - thank you for posting it! I hope you post it to your blog as well.