Saturday, June 27, 2009

Veggie wraps ftw.

Went shopping at Trader Joe's recently, & they had samples of a Mediterranean veggie hummus wrap that were just so amazingly good I had to buy the ingredients and recreate it at home.

Veggie wraps.

What I used in this particular photo:

- Sundried tomato tortilla wraps (I prefer spinach wraps, but the store didn't have any at the time)
- Hummus (Cedar's original tahini)
- Green leaf lettuce
- English cucumber
- Trader Joe's Feta cheese with Mediterranean herbs

For the dressing:
- Lemon juice
- Trader Joe's white balsamic vinegar
- Olive oil

First I made the dressing -
I whisked together one tablespoon each of the lemon juice & vinegar, and two tablespoons of olive oil to make an emulsion (this will make enough dressing for 4 wraps).

To assemble the wrap --
I spread about a quarter cup of hummus on each wrap, right to the edges (it helps the wrap to stick closed).

On top of each went a shredded lettuce leaf, some slices of cucumber (wash but don't peel), a tablespoon of feta, then a tablespoon of dressing drizzled over that.

Wrap 'em up and EAT. Obviously, there are probably a zillion different variations you could make with this basic set of instructions. Could also very easily be adapted into a vegan version.

Srsly, this is my new favorite sandwich-esque food item.


Penumbracarter said...


mm said...

I've been craving those ever since I saw the picture on Flickr!

Arahan Claveau said...

Ooh very yummy!

Arahan Claveau said...

OK I went to the shops and got all the ingredients and I'm having veggie wraps for dinner tonight ;)

Penumbracarter said...

Just had one for lunch:) I forgot how nice the english cucumber is, less watery than the standard type.Those kooky english LOL:))